My Heart Is About To Burst

Curated by Guy Capecelatro III, and comprised of 66 (short) songs, ‘My Heart Is About To Burst’ is a collection of six-word songs, inspired by the six-word novel project, and assembled for RPM month in February of 2009.

Released March 2009
Jason Anderson, Black Window Music, Dan Blakeslee, Alan Bull, Guy Capecelatro III, Jesse Capecelatro, Sheena Charland, Doctor Gasp, Nate Doyle, Mara Flynn, Lonesome Red, Christine Lyons, Moons of Jupiter, Juliet Nelson, Gregg Porter, Pamela Raiford, Djim Reynolds, Mandy Sabine, Jessica Scott & Theodore Bettche, Blake Seale, Marika Shimkus, Soul Saint Marie, South China, THEATH, Tiger Saw, Kimberlee Torres, Unbunny, Anna Vogelzang, The Wailing Wall, TW Walsh, Craig Werth, and Western Homes